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tip blockchain

Blockchain, the instigator of change and innovation, has given us many solutions. It underlies the functioning of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency is being looked upon as the driver of economic revolution on a global front. Although many nations are against the use of cryptocurrency, it is still being considered as a powerful tool to drive the change and instigate easy flow of business on a global front. TIP Blockchain is a move in the same direction. It is a third generation Blockchain platform which creates a trustworthy ecosystem which connects the end users and businesses so that they can transact efficiently.

The objective behind the surge of this platform is to create a user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency exchange.  It has been created with an aim to trigger the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Know More About Tip Blockchain:

We all know that cryptocurrency is gaining popularity, but at the same time, it has its wons sets of drawbacks. For most of us cryptocurrency is gibberish and for those who are naïve to cryptocurrency exchange, using it as apart of daily life routine is out of the question. Under such circumstances, if we wish to trigger an economic reform, it is important that we must make people aware of cryptocurrency and give them a platform which can help them understand and use digital currency efficiently. Tip Blockchain is an initiative in the same direction. It creates a user-friendly platform which creates a trustworthy ecosystem for cryptocurrency exchange. It connects eth user over peer-to-peer networks and gove merchants easy payment solutions.

It is very easy for the users to find information on the network since it is indexed and hence easily searchable. The users and the business can easily find the information by searching them using TIP’s wallet and point of sale apps.

In the current scenario, most of the cryptocurrency users have to deal with QR codes, hashed addresses and other mechanisms.  All these procedures and protocols pose as a hindrance in the way of using cryptocurrencies.

Kasakasa: It is the decentralized mobile wallet fro TIP which has all the information encrypted, comes with user-friendly usernames which are easily searchable as they are indexed.  Once you discover people over the network, you can chat with them and also send the money via chat.

Sika: It is TIP’s cryptocurrency point of sale system (POS) for businesses. It will make easy for the merchants and businesses to accept payments in cryptocurrency easily. It has all the features of POS features like customer management, sales reporting, order management, and analytics.

Existing problems which will be solved by TIP blockchain:

The current financial transaction system has any bottlenecks which make business transactions fall pray t0 red-tapeism, delays, time, etc. Cryptocurrency is a great solution.

Moreover, you need to take approval from the third party for any financial transactions.

Although cryptocurrency is on a high-rise, it has not reached the masses primarily because:

  • It is an alien concept for many
  • Problems related to regulation
  • People don’t trust cryptocurrency exchange
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency is a new concept and has not reached the masses
Solution by TIP Blockchain:

TIP Blockchain is a probable solution to all the problems. It creates a peer-to-peer network which can allow the easy transaction. Since the information on this platform is indexed, it is easy for users and business to search people and transact. The wallet by TIP also enables easy transactions; you can chat with people and also send fund via chat. Being a Blockchain enabled platform, all the information is safe and secure. Moreover, the makers have made sure that this platform is easy to use so that users and businesses don’t find any difficulty while using the TIP.

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