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buglab review

Buglab Review:

We are living in a digital era where every information is easily available on the internet. Although it has made our work a lot easier at the same time, it has also enhanced the probability of leaving this information to a third party or the hackers. We have seen many such cases recently where data was hacked or leaked to third parties. The assurance f security of digital assets has become an alarming question for which we all worried about. The rise of Blockchain has come as a probable solution. The Blockchain is a digital distributed ledger where all information is encrypted, safe, secure and decentralized. Although initially, it found application only in cryptocurrency exchange now Blockchain has outgrown its traditional use, and today we can find its utilization in the various field. Security f data or cyber security is one such aspect in which Blockchain can prove to be beneficial. Buglab is an example which shows that this Blockchain aided platform can be used to bring the global network of cybersecurity researchers on one platform.

Buglab runs two programs: Buglab contest and Vigilant Protocol. The objective behind this system is to link the certified cyber security penetration testers by incentivizing them for their work. When it comes to  Vigilante Protocol, then it shares the vulnerabilities of the digital assets of the clients. They are connected with the Computer Emergency Response Team and Computer Security Incident Response Team. Buglab is perfect for Pentesters, SMEs, and Whitehats. Since all the discoveries are time-stamped, it is easy for everyone to identify the top scorers and incentives them accordingly.

Team Review:

Buglab is backed by a team of experts like  Reda Cherqaoui who is the founder and CEO. He is a learned professional in matters of cyber security and has been active in this field since he was 16. Alexander Belokon is the Backend Developer who holds vast experience in the areas ranging from banking to pharma.  Youness Aamiri is the Blockchain Developer who has experience in PHP, CSS, and HTML.

Product and Market review:

As far as the product is concerned t makes good propositions for solving cybersecurity issues. They are very active on social media and are enthusiast about cybersecurity issues. There are a total of 8 members in the core team having experience in various fields but what they lack is experience in Blockchain technology. The advisory board consists of only one member who has an experience of around 28 years. Buglab has also partnered with French Tech Ticket, La French Tech, IMT Atlantique,  Isolas, and BpiFrance.  A good point about this platform is that it is open and transparent to the people in the network and the cybersecurity researchers are duly rewarded. But, an important point to note here is that this technology is currently only limited to SMEs. So, we don’t know if it can prove to be beneficial for the large or big industry size. The company has set objective and wants to work on improving the cybersecurity with its innovative technology.

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