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With the application of block-chain technology and the smart contracts, Arcona is a secured ecosystem providing you such an augmented reality which you would have never imagined in the real world. Different from other Arcona will provide you all the customization that you require in the platform. It is basically a platform devoted totally to its users.

Market Analysis:

The augmented reality is a rapidly growing sector in IT and also has become its key driver. A study showed in 2016 that the AR industry is worth 3 billion dollars. The growth of AR is expected to cross 150 billion dollars by 2020. The companies which are into IT are focusing on expanding AR in any case as they know it is the future of IT. All the big fish like Google, Microsoft and Samsung are already into AR. With such a huge market the success of Arcona is sure. Since the others are also not matching the standards at where Arcona is hence Arcona is going to earn great market shares when it will arrive in the market.

Team Analysis:

The developers at Arcona are highly experienced and passionate about artistic things which require the involvement of technology. The impeccable team behind Arcona has drafted Arcona into the reality. There are members from every field, from art to marketing you will find peoples of every field here and they all possess high experience in their field which has helped a lot in the development of Arcona. Arcona would have been not a reality without such an intelligent and devoted team.

Technology used in Arcona:

Arcona is powered by an automated modeling system which works to build 3D landscapes which are in a high resolution. It also picks up the path where the user is making any movement in the given land plot. This technology also helps in determining user’s location by markers.

Integrated modeling environment, another tech introduced in Arcona maintains the software and ensures the proper functioning of it and also edits the content.

For displaying augmented reality at a certain place a freeware client AR viewer has been installed in Arcona which works for mobile devices and consists of a positioning system.

A very important tech and the heart of Arcona is the smart contract which helps in providing the user a P2P view and is used in making transactions on the various platforms. It is a payment system which is fast enough and also charges a low commission and processing cost from the users. It is basically the key to the growth of Arcona in the global market.

Remote positioning:

A very cool and innovative feature of Arcona is remote positioning. Motion trackers help in recognizing the person’s movement in the real environment and helps AR to create a virtual 3D reality of it. If you would want to see AR of something which is too far from you, you will have to wait for days but not now, with the arrival of Arcona this problem will be resolved and you will be able to create AR of anything no matter where ever it is. You can build an entire augmented world from anywhere you want by just using Arcona.

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